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Meet MaryAnne Bachia


Many people ask me why I decided to become an acupuncturist.

Well, it started when I was pretty young. I had some health issues I took medications for and finally becoming allergic to some.

Then when I was a teenager I had some health issues too. My doctor suggested I start taking the birth control pill. My European mother would have no part of it and so I was left with little alternative than to heal myself – and it worked! That was my first success!

As I explored improving my health over the years, I worked with my diet and with various supplements, many types of yoga and meditation, creativity, music, art, dancing, mountain climbing, and much more. I have lived in the middle of New York City and on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico.  My interests have developed around  my ability to deeply express myself through the arts with improvisation. This profound capability has lead me on a journey of exploration and self-healing and has led me to develop a passion for helping people connect with themselves through their connection with their true strengths and core vitality.
All of this gave me a great background for understanding the body and how it responds to relaxation and stress.

In considering a path for helping others, I considered becoming a Western medical doctor, a chiropractor a naturopathic doctor an art or music therapist.

I chose Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture because it treats the whole being - body, mind and spirit and the approach is about balance. Balance alllows us to see many sides of our health. For example, how can the body be relaxed when the mind is overworking? How can the body be functioning well when the digestion is not absorbing nutrients from food? How can the hormones function well when the body is under stress?

The whole body is included in every choice I make with my patients. This supports the Hippocratic oath, which reads ”to do no harm.” My treatments include acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle and nutritional coachine, which are all included in my education and pave the way for deeper and longer lasting transformation.

Some of the health concerns I have successfully helped my patients with are: emotional issues like depression, anxiety, I have a couple of patients who are OCD and have helped them, stress is a basic theme that I have helped many people to work through, all sorts of digestive concerns, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, menses issues, PCOS, fertility, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue, fibro myalgia, diabetes, hypoglycemia, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, low back pain, blood issues, including hemophilia and platelet issues, post partum, induction, a lot of chronic health issues, heart issues, enlarged heart, myocarditis, damaged liver, high cholesterol, addictions, migraines, all sorts of skin problems, especially in spring, allergies, colds -- the list does go on and on...

Some issues need to be treated a while. Some for only a few treatments. It depends on the length of time a person has been suffering and the severity of the symptoms. The bottom line is, if they are coming in, there is often a history of imbalance and it's usually important to deal with that. 

I work with insite and intuition, I am generous with information and knowledge, as I am eager to help them succeed with their health goals.

I honestly believe that helping others is the only way to live my life meaningfully.  I believe that a true leader gains power by empowering others. 

 I am passionately drawn to clients who have made their commitment to move forward out of their imbalance and disease and into their path of transformation  awakening and joy while they discover for themselves full health, which I know is their natural birthright. 

Extended Studies

Jeffrey Yuen – 2003 to present - advanced studies in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Essential Oils, autoimmunity, congenital health, hormones and the endocrine system, Chronic Degenerative Disease, women’s health, cancer, muscular/skeletal relief, Psycho/emotional health, Gem Elixirs, qi gong

Jimmy Chang – 2005 to present -Pain relief, stress relief, allergies, hepatic dysfunction, women’s health

Jill Blakeway - author of Making Babies, 1999-2003. acupuncture, herbs, womens studies

Ray Rubio -2010 Male and Female Fertility

Brandon Horne and Wendy Wu – 2010 Ovarian Reserve

Acupuncture Licensing

California license # 10739

New York license # 002703

Colorado license # 1524

Professional Affiliations:

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
American Acupuncture Council

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