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Meet MaryAnne Bachia


Mary Anne had been a massage therapist, working in Aspen,

Colorado and New York City when she decided to further her path

in the healing arts as an acupuncturist.

Mary Anne graduated from Mercy College, NYC, in 2003. The

curriculum included extensive study in the Western sciences and

more than 1800 hours as an intern in hospitals in the New York City


She has studied with leading instructors in the Acupuncture, Chinese

herbs, women’s health, fertility, chronic degenerative disease and

pain relief both in the US and Internationally, in both China and


Mary Anne relocated to California in 2005, and passed the most

prestigious Chinese Medicine exam in the country with flying colors.

Still drawn to the beauty of the Colorado Rocky mountains in 2009,

Mary Anne and her husband David, opened an office in Boulder.

Mary Anne's life has taken her on various healing paths, with

creativity, intuitive development and improvisation. Her interests

have developed around her deep ability to express herself through

the arts. This profound capability has lead her on a journey of

exploration and self-healing and has led her to develop a passion for

helping people connect with their health through their connection

with their true strengths and core vitality.

MaryAnne is passionately drawn to clients who have made their

deepest mind, body, soul conviction to move forward out of their

feeling and physical manifestation, imbalance and disease and into

their path of transformation  awakening and joy while they discover

for themselves full health, which she knows is their natural



Extended Studies

Jeffrey Yuen –advanced studies in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Essential Oils, autoimmunity, congenital health, hormones and the endocrine system, Chronic Degenerative Disease, women’s health, cancer, muscular/skeletal relief, Psycho/emotional health, Gem Elixirs, qi gong

Jimmy Chang – Pain relief, stress relief, allergies, hepatic dysfunction, women’s health

Jill Blakeway - author of Making Babies

Ray Rubio -Fertility Specialist

Brandon Horne and Wendy Wu – Fertility Specialists

Acupuncture Licensing

California license # 10739

New York license # 002703

Colorado license # 1524

Professional Affiliations:

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
American Acupuncture Council

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