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5 Favorite Foods for Beautiful Skin!

March 07, 2015 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia


5 Favorite Foods for Beautiful Skin!


Recently I was reading a short book I've been writing on cleansing. I was reading this book because I was evaluating whether I was still interested in writing it. I had been interviewed about cleansing 2 years ago for the local, "Boulder" magazine. Since that time cleansing has become a catchword seen everywhere, on Dr. Oz, in popular magazines, everywhereI So maybe I'm not as interested anymore.

The funny thing is, I realized that the food groups that are mentioned are the same food groups that are good for the skin for 1 reason or another.

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5 Ways to Manage Stress

September 17, 2014 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia

hanalei lateral_pic

I hope you've enjoyed a beautiful summer, where ever you are in the world, and are enjoying experiencing autumn in the air and crispy leaves under your feet.

For some of us, moving into the fall and winter months presents a little more tension in the system, just knowing that it will start getting cold. Of course, for others, the promise of ski season has an inspiring and enlivening effect.

For all of us, when stress hits, it changes our lives.

Here are a few tips to help move through stressful times and to revitalize:



August 10, 2014 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia



Coaches have used my “RICE” guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping.” – Gabe Mirkin, MD, March 2014

Once again, Western medicine follows an Oriental Medicine lead that dates back thousands of years.

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Eating and Exercise - Tips from a Pro

May 05, 2014 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia


A hot topic, lately, has been cleansing, But many people ask, “what about after the cleanse is over? What do I do then?”

Recently I was having a conversation with Liz Harris, fitness coach, personal trainer and yoga teacher. Liz is a bright, enthusiastic woman who radiates well being with her positive attitude and endless energy, 

She teaches yoga as well as kickboxing and chisel classes and has a loyal following at her studio in Westminster called Chisel Mind and Body.

We were discussing why some people have a difficult time losing weight even though they are working out on a regular basis and are following specific dietary recommendations.

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What's the Best Way to Exercise During Menopause?

April 28, 2014 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia



What type of exercise do you LOVE to do??

Start there.

You’ve probably spent enough of your life exercising in ways that you thought would be good for you—told would be good for you – the eternal, “Doing what you thought you SHOULD do.” Well, this life is short and if you only have so much longer once you pass 50, in all ways, start doing what you LOVE!

Some women have no trouble transitioning from their very active life, thru menopause. With menopause, however, your body is not producing hormones in the same level as it had been before and so a slower metabolism and natural affinity with slowing down and becoming more internal are helpful steps for moving forward with this process. The more you take care of your body, the more it will take care of you. If you feel any symptoms with menopause, your body is telling you to slow down, relax a little more, sleep a little more and learn ways to de compress and de stress.

Starting with these exercises will help to keep you in shape and create lifestyle changes that add to your fun.

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Are you having Trouble Fitting into your TUTU?

April 13, 2014 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia


color ballet_girl

Are you Having Trouble Fitting into your TUTU??

It's spring again!! At no time of year are we more aware of the

changes in our bodies from a cold winter full of warming, heavy

foods than we are right now as we try to fit into bathing suits,

and form fitting clothes as we make our way to beaches,

barbeques and outdoor activities.

How's it working out for you this year?

Are you looking forward to rocking that bathing suit, proud of 

your winter workouts or are you hanging back from the sandals

and clingy clothes, shyly shopping for a new wardrobe to cover 

up unwelcome curves? If that's the case, read on:

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The Skinny on Fats

April 13, 2014 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia


food almondsfood olive_oil


All Fats are NOT Created Equal

When it comes to food trends, fat, it one of the first to go.

When people first started to become more health conscious, fat was introduced as a ‘bad’ food. There came a slew of fat free treats, fat free cookies, fat free dairy products. All of these products were loaded up with sugar, which is a carbohydrate and which, by the way, is also the substitute found in gluten free products these days.

There is 42% less risk Alzheimer’s with high fat diet, but they have to be the RIGHT fats and in the most beneficial amounts.

There is 4x as much risk with high carbs diet, which includes sugars.

People are still confused about fats and here’s why.

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Treating Menopause 2014 Update

December 28, 2013 Bloggies by MaryAnne Bachia

pink rose 

The brilliance of Chinese medicine for treating hormones is that you aren’t giving a person hormones. You are helping the body to strengthen enough to build it’s own hormones.

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