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Why Detox?

People often ask me about detoxifying, what is it , why should I do it, how can it help me. Aside from, why not give your body the benefits of running as well as it can or wouldn’t you rather drive a new jaguar than an old fiat, here are some facts:


There are benefits:

-- weight loss,

-- improved digestion and elimination,

-- reduced or complete elimination of joint and muscle pain,

-- increased energy,

-- improved hormone function

-- overall better cellular health which adds to longevity.

Toxins are everywhere!

-- There are environmental toxins in the water and in the air as well as biological toxicity coming from stress, blocked hormones, such as estrogen, which leads to disease such as breast cancer and there is toxicity in suppressed pathogens which never leave our body.

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We all age

As we age, the metabolism slows, the body is low on the energy it takes to excrete toxins in the tissue and in the blood and so toxins build up.

For example, intestinal problems are caused by deficiency that allows bacteria to accumulate and create chronic digestive problems.

Or with arteriosclerosis, a deficiency of the excretion of uric acid causes high level of it in the blood and this inflames the inner wall of arteries or veins, which in turn causes problems in the vessels.

From the Chinese point of view, toxins accumulate in the lymph system and in areas around the joints as well as in the liver, kidneys, intestines and fat cells.

Our Cleansing Organs

The liver is the chief fat burning organ in the body, as well as metabolizing protein and carbohydrates, so cleansing the liver aids the process of detoxification and weight loss.

When the liver is congested, it creates more glucose in the blood, which raises our glycemic index and effects our insulin resistance. Insulin resistance plays an active role in Type 2 Diabetes as well as other chronic diseases.

The kidneys filter waste from the blood

The intestines also support our blood and nutrition, eliminating waste and enhancing our immunity, when they are healthy.

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Weight loss

Toxins accumulate in fat cells. When we are over weight, fat or adipose tissue is also less sensitive to insulin. Over weight people also have a higher incidence of macrophages or white blood cells in their body, so their immune system is working harder, they have a higher incidence of inflammation, and blood pressure can be higher, as the body has to work harder to circulate blood.

There are various studies stating that people who are lean experience longer lives.

When I was in acupuncture school, I had the opportunity to study anatomy on a cadaver. It’s an amazing experience to witness our organs, and their size.

If you look at the area between the navel and the lowest end of the sternum, this is where the stomach lies. If you think of this area as a bowl, you have an idea of the size of your stomach. Eating more that the size of this bowl is over eating. We all do it, all the time. In Chinese medicine the idea is presented to not eat until you are full. If we do this, then our enzymes have the space to break down the food we eat, just as, if we eat slower, our saliva adds enzymes to the digestive process.

When we pay more attention to how we eat as well as what we eat, our bodies have more energy to digest naturally.

Fad diets are limiting

Take, for example, the cabbage soup diet. People on this diet eat nothing but cabbage soup for a week.

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, which is a vegetable, which has shape, such as cauliflower or broccoli. Cruciferous vegetables are detoxifying. These vegetables are useful for enzyme production in the liver.

The problem with a cabbage diet is that though it can influence estrogen detoxification and excretion, it’s limited in fiber to cleanse the intestine, chlorophyll to aid in detoxing the liver and nutrients to support the body while it’s detoxifying.


Detoxification and You

It’s important to take part in a detoxifying program that is complete and that is geared, specifically, to you. That’s why, I work with a detoxifying program and prescribe herbs or supplements that are specific to each patient’s condition.



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