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Acupuncture for Depression x

Acupuncture for Depression

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From the Chinese Point of view, depression is a form of stagnation. Qi, energy, fluids, blood slow down and along with that our bodies and minds.

This slowdown of movement mostly effects the energy systems of the liver, which is effected with any emotional stress and the lungs, which are the organ that is responsible for moving our qi or life force, around the body.

When our lungs are depressed we shut down emotionally. When our lungs are tight, both our inspiration and expiration are short. With less mobility in our chest, we are less ‘inspired’ to move, to change to create new habits. This is how we can create depression.

Acupuncture is wonderful medicine for moving any kind of stagnation in the body. Any kind of pain is caused by stagnation, whether it is physical or emotional. This is where acupuncture excels.

If you ever feel emotionally stuck and are willing to take a step in your journey to wellness and looking at life in a new way, which is inspiring, make an appointment for an acupuncture treatment. The first step puts you on a new path!


by:MaryAnne Bachia

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