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Sound Healing and acupuncture

Sound Healing

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Sound has been used for healing since the beginning of recorded time and longer. Everyone responds to music, from pre-natal experience through to our death. We respond to rhythm, melody, and harmony. The way we respond is as much because of the music as it is from our individual life experience of what music feels like to us.

There are references to sounds effecting the health, by Taoists who discovered the effects of qi and emanating sound to enhance and spread qi throughout the body. The Egyptians used sound for healing as well as Tibetans, American Indians and Shamen of every culture.

There is various proof of the healing energy of sound.

  • it increases endorphins
  • it opens up the lungs and their connection with kidney qi, so there is more room to inspire, physically and mentally
  • We can effect brain states, creating more alpha activity, which is a relaxed stated of mind and theta activity, where our attention shifts to our inner world, associated with meditation, deep healing and transformational experiences.
  • Brain wave activity can effect muscle tension, stress hormones, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

Besides all these wonderful side effects, making music is intuitive and fun! This alone enhances relaxation and endorphin activity.

Sound and Healing

At Acupuncture Energy Works, we incorporate the use of sound and energy and healing in a few different ways.

Tuning Forks

One of the ways Acupuncture works with sound healing is by incorporating the use of Tuning Forks. Tuning forks are metal carries of pitch or tone. When a tuning fork is place at an acupuncture point, the vibration of the tone of the tuning fork is carried into the area of the acupuncture point, stimulating the point. Points are activated to balance and so the experience can be relaxing or it can be awakening. The result of a tuning fork session is uplifting for the spirit and this is uplifting for the body.

Tuning forks can be used in conjunction with acupuncture needles, and without them. The use of tuning forks with organic essential oils focuses the treatment in the direction of healing specific to the patient.

Vocal Sound healing with bowls and bells

Vocal sound healing is performed with the patient lying on the acupuncture table, either with or without needles, fully clothed. The practitioner then tones certain notes into different areas of the patient's body. Depending on the tone and on the strength of the tone, the area of the patient's body will respond, becoming more relaxed or tonified. Sound healing with voice creates a powerful connection for the patient uplifting their healing experience.

Remote Sound Healing

Remote Sound Healing is performed by a practitioner who is not in the same room as the patient.

The practitioner and the patient set up a time when the practitioner will 'send' sound healing to the patient. At that time, the patient will lie down in a supine position, facing up and intend to 'receive' the healing vibrations of the practitioner. This is a usually a deeply relaxing experience. At some time soon after the session, the patient and the practitioner will share notes about their experience. Often the patient and the practitioner will share similar sensations or visions in unison, one person at one location and the other person somewhere else. The connection between the 2 with this healing is profound, uplifting and an affirmation of the oneness of experience.

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Here are some testimonials for remote sound healing sessions:

That was great! Amazing!

Wow -- I had been out to work and got home about 10 to 1. I just laid down right away.  At 1 I started feeling angelic presence as I stared feeling lifting sensation. It was great -- so pure. That is the way I notice angelic presence in my body.

I felt opening all over my body -- my heart/ chest, my pelvis and low back, my feet my mind. I felt a smile across my face and still do. It was amazing to feel a soft flow opening all over my body.I noticed I could hear the hum of the bowl -- not the tone, but the going around the rim for most of the session. I felt the bowls from the start and then 'heard' or felt the sound of going around the bowl.

It was so opening and so gently, continuously. I noticed my mind was just present. I tried to think of something outside what I was doing and my mind wouldn't go there. I was just IN the experience.

My back started hurting at one point - alot. It came out of nowhere. It didn't feel like it was mine. I put my hand over my stomach and my other under my back. The pain left.

I felt so much angelic presence I asked them to teach me what I need to know. Then I went to lucid dreaming -- it was loaded with imagery, so vivid. I felt transported to a different environment. I can only say it was dark and colorful -- browns and orange and bright yellows. There were beings, 1 major one, 3 more and they were all talking to me at the same time in perfect harmony. Like they all had parts of a message and were transmitting it in a way that it was woven together 'symphonic' information.

I was 'sunk in' and aware of this -- deeply involved in listening and suddenly woke out of it. So sudden. Like you described your experience the other day. I had a watch on and it had been 45 minutes.

I was so in another world and then so woken out of it, I laid there and fell asleep for about 1/2 hour.

I still feel the angelic presences. I put on a bowl of rice and a minute after putting it on the stove thought, I don't want rice, I want quinoa and put that on the stove too.

So, I don't think I'll be doing what I thought I'd do today. I need to go out for a hike and take in the sun and nature, which I do love.

So thank you very much! This is wonderful! So light and so much fun! Isn't it amazing we can share this way???

Thank you for your open heart and devotion.


by:MaryAnne Bachia

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