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Stress Reduction through Acupuncture

Nothing is more constant to the world than change. Lately, we have all been experiencing this on many levels. We are all going through changes, whether they are great or small, flexibility is a key to moving thru these changes with grace, health and a positive attitude.

This is where acupuncture comes in. As you all know, acupuncture is useful for pain relief. What you may not know is that, from the Chinese point of view, stress and anxiety are considered painful conditions!

Acupuncture is perfect medicine for addressing tension, whether it’s created by internal, physical conditions or external emotional responses to everyday life. Acupuncture can balance the hormones, such as serotonin and endorphins, which are involved in our physiological expression of stress. When our hormones are balanced, the body registers a relaxation response, on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Relaxation from acupuncture builds with weekly treatments. The body builds strength, balance and flexibility. These qualities help us maintain comfort and peace of mind though stressful times. When we relax, we open creatively, with insight and imagination unfolding, adding perspective and wisdom to everyday stress. As the mind relaxes, our ideas unfold, our thoughts change, we are in touch with a deeper truth within ourselves. This helps us change our mind, which is the first step to changing our life.


by:MaryAnne Bachia

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