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A Great Opportunity to work Together!
I hope you are doing well and winter hasn’t set in too cold this year!
How has the New Year been for you? Personally, I am so excited this year as I am embracing growth and expansion in a new and fun way. I’d like to share it with you and include you in it.
It’s been a gift to work with each of you. Sometimes I’ve shared a limited time and connection with my patients and sometimes I am witness to incredible growth, They transform their health, their beauty, and their lives.
I don’t believe healing is confined to treating disease. We are so much more than disease. We are perfect! We are deeply perfect when we live in our authentic self. The disease is a call to action propelling us to investigate further, our souls worth, our soul’s wants which we may have been ignoring. How can they live their perfection, their joy, their positive spirit, their beauty – bring it out into the world?
The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it works on all these levels – the physical, emotional and the spiritual. It’s my deepest joy to be witness to people empowering their lives and their choices. This is why I do what I do.
This year I have experienced more patients coming in and needing to spend part of their time with me, talking about personal issues. Through the year, with the help of acupuncture and coaching, more people are growing, accepting themselves, tuning into their inner beauty and intuition, making better decisions for themselves.
What I love is that I’m growing too! That’s why I’m expanding my work with coaching.  
I am choosing to help more people bring out their true health, their inner beauty, clarify their needs, their vision for themselves, create more abundance for themselves, and develop their courage and self confidence. I want to see more people, expand their joy and create their lives, as they choose it.
I invite you to take part in this journey. The journey of transformation. Whether it’s to enhance your health on all levels, to experience more fulfillment or to expand your sense of abundance and joy in the world.
The journey begins with you!
To introduce you to coaching and what it would look like with me, I am offering free – 30 minute Strategy calls to tell you about my programs and how my work can help you.
To sign up for a 30 minute session, please contact me at: or text me at: 720-201-4101.
It’s that easy.
I’d like to participate in helping you transform your life so you are living your deepest health, your deepest joy, your deepest beauty and your love – for yourself! You can’t help others till you help yourself.
I want to help you to Make it happen!!
I look forward to hearing from you!
With Love,
PS. You may also receive an invitation to my new Facebook page, called, “The Menopause “Mojo” Mentor. This is a project I have been working on this year to enhance the lives of the women I work with, in this age range, who are struggling with the body, mind and spiritual aspects that come up as part of this cycle in life.
Like the page, if you can and please pass on the information to anyone you think would benefit from such a program.
Blessings in the New Year!!!


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The benefit of working with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is in the

ability to reverse poor health rather than cover up symptoms. 


keys to improving health are 

lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, and exercise. 

I can help you identify the habits that are sabotaging your well-

being. We will work together to discover why your health is out of

balance, and then we will put together a plan to get you back on

track to a healthy body.

Working with me will provide you with:

 Knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your health

 Information on diet and exercise techniques to help with your


 Assistance in setting goals to improve your health and well being

 Accountability to help you stay on track 

 The ability to empower yourself and stop sabotaging behaviors that

effect your health

 Individualized attention to your unique questions and needs

 By using Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Essential oils, treatments


Relief of physical and emotional symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety

and poor immunity

Ease of chronic complaints, including but not limited to digestive

 discomforts, joint stiffness, respiratory ailments, insomnia

Achieve effective and thorough treatment with the least amount of 


Gain a broader perspective on health care and motivation to

transform your life and your health

Rejuvenation of your mind, body, and soul, with treatments that aim

to both relax you and heal


 Health issues can be complex, but healing can be a process of

unfolding and awakening.


Are you ready to manifest your best possible self?

I believe you can envision and achieve the life of your dreams!

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Nutritional Counseling

 I am offering a

  3 Week Purification Program 

 this month for those of you who choose to improve your health and

to make the changes your need to improve your health and feel great

about your body.

For more information about Detoxifying, go to:

For more information about Nutritional Counseling, go to:

For more information about the Purification Program, go to:

For videos and more information go to:

For answers to your questions, contact me at:

or call me at:




I'm feeling a lot better, thank you!  In the past week and a half, I've

had onebad headache and two really minor ones.  A great

improvement from having a bad headache everyday.

I think the herbs have helped tremendously.  I have noticed a big

difference from waking up one to several times during the night

tossing & turning to get comfortable to sleeping through the night. 

I'm feeling more rested, not fatigued every single morning.  My

energy level has gone up.  When I had these past few headaches,

they were less intense then they have been.

  I don't feel bloated and full all the time, I've noticed I'm eating

smaller portions because I feel fuller faster, I'm not as gassy as I was,

over all I just feel better. I still have the feeling of my body trying to

work together instead against itself.  I still have days here and there

when I wake up tired but I feel better as the day goes on.

Thanks again for everything, I'm much happier these days because I

feel so much better and have more energy to do stuff.  My husband

says "thank you, I have my wife back".  I was in so much pain for so

long I just kind of withdrew myself from everything and became

very quiet.  I feel like I'm getting back on track to having my life

back, I can't thank you enough MaryAnne!  by KH

For more testimonials, go to the testimonial page under 'about us'

You can also find more reviews If you google 'Acupuncture energy

works reviews'

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